Google, websites and biscuits

On Wednesday we spent a great 3 hours with June Cory from MyMustard - the source of knowledge on all things Google in Herts. As a result you will see some changes to our website over the coming weeks - all with the aim of providing our lovely business lunches and buffets to more businesses throughout Hertfordshire. For anyone wanting to build / improve their website I would definitely recommend a session with June either to plan the site or to come up with some quick wins for your existing site. #MyMustard #CorporateCatering

The end of Summer....

So for us that is definitely Summer done and dusted. The Mr Whippy machine at Riverbank Refreshments in Gadebridge Park has entered hibernation - but before that it had a full deep clean which involved a full strip down of the whole machine, including removing all of the O-rings, cleaning sanitising and then re-assembling. The picture above shows the beater, pump, dispenser and other bits that are all required to produce the perfect Mr Whippy ice cream. (Who knew - not us until 6 months ago!)


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