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24th March 2020

Please see below Rota I have pulled together for tomorrow. As you will see we are now very much down to the bare bones - over the coming days we will try to rotate volunteers into the various slots.

If we do see an escalation in call for free meal deliveries then it would be much appreciated if we are able to call on you at short notice.


23rd March 2020

Please see below Rota I have pulled together for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a bit of a transition day - with BTC and Titan being mothballed. This means going forward we have 4 things to focus on - J&O Cafe, VV1, Dermal and carer packages (free & paid for) - and hence we should be able to have a stable rota - as we ramp up free meals etc we may need people to answer phones at base.

Any issues with below please let me know asap and I'll get it changed.


22nd March 2020

So I did toy with the idea of recording a video - but I don't have a podium and couldn't find a Union Jack to have behind me. Obviously things are continuing to change and hence our response is having to adapt. Here is an update on the latest situation - please read all the way through:



1) From End of Business tomorrow both BTC and Titan will close (this means we can give all remaining customers 24hrs notice)

2) Clay Farm Cafe closed as of End of Business Friday (as the Council closed the Business)

3) We want to keep J&O and VanVend operating, as both support NHS / Ambulance staff - we will move to Card only transactions

4) Care package delivery on-going, both paid for and free where appropriate

5) Dermal to be confirmed tomorrow - we are going to suggest that they move on to a simplified menu range (in line with homemades) - assuming numbers continue to warrant delivering.



As per previous comms (and now backed by Govt support) salary is guaranteed at 80% for at least the next 3 months, irrespective of any hours worked. If you are one of the 1.5 million people that the NHS are contacting to stay at home - please let me know asap.

To be able to claim any money from the Govt members of staff have to ‘furlowed’ – which means no work is available for them.


Legally this means you are now able to remain at home and receive 80% of pay. However we want to be able to continue to support the NHS and people in need with free meals etc. so are looking for you guys to ‘voluntarily’ continue to support these activities. Please let me know asap whether you are happy with this, and we will pull together a rota asap.


So far we have raised c. £600 to purchase ingredients for meals and we will be covering overheads such as diesel, electricity, gas.

Whilst continuing these activities we will need to be conscious of social distancing, so will have no more than 4 people (including KP) in the kitchen at any time.

I will call everybody over the next couple of days to talk though what this means - in the meantime any questions please either email me or WhatsApp me - if you think it is something others will be interested in hearing answered do use the Group Whatsapp.

We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, but as a team we have an opportunity to make a real difference to those who may be struggling at this time. Hence why the Govt has recognised food manufacturers as being key workers!

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